Pre-order and save 10%

See a new work that I’ve started in the studio and you love where its going even tho its not finished? Become part of the process and join me as it goes through the stages to completion. We can make sure custom colors are created and composed just right to fit your home or office in every way. Simply start with a deposit to secure your name to that piece. Placing a deposit in a painting that is not finished shows me you have faith in what it will become and in return I’m offering savings as a thank you for trusting me with the outcome of the piece.


1: Follow the Art

First step would be to follow the work in progress. We can do that by a couple of ways. One, follow my journey on Instagram and/or facebook. Social media is where I consistently post photos of new works and the studio life.


2: Contact

Second is to have a discussion about what you are looking for. Wall space, sizes, colors, interior layouts, etc. We can narrow down to what would be relative to you and your home or office. I then can personally send emails and photos of new works to you before the public sees them. This way gives you an exclusive window into the studio allowing you first dibs at new works. Reach out via email and we can get the conversation started.

Pick the art you like and place a deposit and let the action begin!


3: Satisfaction Guarantee

Simply start with a deposit to secure your name to that piece. When its finished if for whatever reason its not the right fit for your space we can exchange it for a different painting. If during the process you see another painting that catches your attention more, then we can just transfer your deposit towards that instead. Overall I aim to make sure every painting goes to its right home in the right time. To see my collectors happy and confident in their investment is my priority second to creating the art itself.